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« on: January 31, 2003, 10:24:17 AM »
Welcome to BikeMeet. We urge all members to post messages, pictures, general chat or words of wisdom on this site.  Since there is no charge whatsoever, you have nothing to lose!  The sense of community on this forum is, and always has been, truly excellent and first-time posters are always helped, encouraged and welcomed. There is no friendlier motorcycle forum on the Web.  :D

The aim is to have a site dedicated to bikes and bikers around the world, not alienating or ignoring anyone along the way. We're all petrolheads on here so feel free to go off-topic with cars, vans, even lawnmowers, we don't bite.

If you wish to make a reply to any of the messages in the forums listed, click on the links to open them and then click on "Reply".  You will need to register with this site first but remember MEMBERSHIP IS FREE!

Clicking on "New topic" will start a new conversation (or 'thread' as we like to call it).

Try it!

Enjoy the forum and we wish you good health, happiness and long may your roads stay twisty.

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