Wymondham Vintage day 11/09/2016 - a few pics


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Wymondham Vintage day 11/09/2016 - a few pics
« on: September 25, 2016, 10:19:40 PM »
Wymondham is quiet, picturesque market town in Norfolk just a few miles up the road from Norwich. I lived there for a while about 20 years ago and pop in regularly to see relatives and old friends. I was down there earlier this month and came across a new event the town hopes to make a regular part of the calendar in years to come...the Vintage day. The town main street and market area was shut off and in moved a variety of classic cars, bikes and military vehicles. there was also craft and food stalls, live music etc. People were dressed in period attire and as the sun shone and the music played. The atmosphere was relaxed and if does become an annual  event I will definitely time my visits to the area appropriately.

A few pictures of the event....

The old Market Cross in the middle of Wymondham was the focal point for the day

Neat 'Bathtub' Triumph and a selection of very well restored and presented Ariel machines

Car centric event, but very popular

Live music added to the atmosphere

But it is handy to have a 50 cal about...just in case!

Lovely little Triumph

Businesslike BSA
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